Canada, Havre-saint-pierre
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Mmmmm femme qui suce comme des reine jusqua la derniere gout voila ;):)!
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2. 10. 22
I sit in the lotus position
In my arm I holding your dick
Today In the night and morning
I learnd Kama Sutra's shiick
So that for you from the depths of yoga
I want pleasure to come
To show how I do it
Go deep inside me, I will make you cum
8. 09. 22
I will never be bored with you, I will even open a planet in your honor,
In the meantime, you will be dreaming about it, I will cook a huge pizza for you!
1. 09. 22
Let's hide in the arms of love, 💜
Let's wake up the gentle dialect of thoughts,🌸
Hold me on the wings of feelings,💫
We will drown in happiness carelessly.🌈